Elon can be seen every week at various comedy clubs in NYC and on the road. The list below (when up-to-date!) is just a selection of those dates:

August 5th

Comedy Cellar (Village Underground), 8 PM

August 8th

Governor’s Comedy Club, 8 PM

August 13th

Old Man Hustle Comedy Bar, 8 PM

August 14th

Weep, Grey Lady, 8:30 PM

August 16th

Governor’s Comedy Club (Featuring), 8 PM

August 18th

West Side Comedy Club, 7 PM

August 19th

Broadway Comedy Club, 9 PM

Grisly Pear Comedy Club, Midnight

August 24th

Opening/Judging Finale of Atlantic City’s Got Talent

September 1st

New York Comedy Club, 4 PM

Stand Up NY, 8 PM

September 5th

West Side Comedy Club, 8 PM

September 9th

Hosting West Side Comedy Club “Daily Show” Staff Stand Up Show, 8 PM

September 12th

Broadway Comedy Club, 9 PM

September 21st

Comedy Commune, 8 PM

September 27th

Grisly Pear Comedy Club, 10 PM

September 28th

Grisly Pear Comedy Club, 8 PM

October 6th

Hoboken Comedy Festival (Hosting), 8 PM

October 26th

Headlining Ben’s in Bayside, NY, 8 PM

November 7th

Bomb Shelter Comedy Show, 9 PM